One stop hardware solution service
One-stop service from creativity to products, design and manufacturing, and hardware innovation
One stop Service from Creativity to Product,Design and Manufacture
WAKE UP Technology-full technical support
Application debugging tools
Development environment setup
Development environment provided
System customization
Kernel pruning
Drive development
SDK customization
Plan selection
Hardware principle design
PCB Layout
Assembly and debugging
Batch programming
Production testing
Help product launch
Customers focus on product design and definition, while WAKE UP focuses on application layer research and development and program development.

It serves as a bridge between upstream IC original manufacturers and downstream complete machine companies. It develops platforms, solutions and other products based on original IC chips, providing conditions for the development and rapid launch of complete machine products.

Output product development needs
Customers focus on product definition and core capabilities. We provide one-stop hardware innovation solutions from creativity to manufacturing
Hardware development
Wearable machine design solution Intelligent module solution
Software development
OS operating system development UI/UX custom development Terminal APP application custom development Server background deployment
Industrial design
Product (ID) appearance design Product (MD) structural design Mold opening and proofing
Supply chain and production
Component procurement SMT patch Finished product assembly/Quality control
R&D continued needs... Supply chain needs...
Three major systems support high-reliability service output
Product innovation system

Product functions, technological innovation, design innovation, etc.

In-depth integration of market and technology to create a systematic product innovation system

Scenario-based ecological empowerment system

Supported by nearly a thousand partners in various industries around the world

Cover consumer life scenarios and empower customers to output value

Quality and service system

Design to development, production to testing, shipment to after-sales

Provide high-quality and high-reliability considerate services throughout the process

Proven development and manufacturing solutions
Smart wearable machine solution
Smart wearable module solution
Pan-intelligent wearable device solution
Smart wearable chip
OS operating system
Terminal APP application
Multi-field and multi-scenario applications
Multi-technical capability support
Embedded Development
AI application development
Algorithm development
PCBA design
Overall machine design
Server deployment
Cooperation steps
Cooperative procedure
01 Docking requirements
02 Technology Assessment
03 Business communication
04 Project development
05 Test verification
06 Bulk goods confirmation
07 Mass production
08 Delivered for use
09 After-sales service
Proven design and manufacturing solutions
Smart wearable device

Including the solution design and development of wearable products such as smart watches, smart bracelets, and smart rings. We develop and design based on customer needs and local market needs, and continuously optimize them to improve market competitiveness.

Smart module solution

Including the design and development of modules for wearable hardware such as smart watches, smart bracelets, and smart rings, based on the core resources and characteristics of different original semiconductor chips, combined with market and customer needs

Pan-intelligent wearable device solution

Including smart hardware devices in various scenarios such as smart home equipment, smart vehicle equipment, and smart entertainment equipment. We provide customers with one-stop hardware intelligent services based on different industry categories and user needs

Why Choose WAKE UP
Independent research and development customized development

Keep up with market demand, adhere to technological innovation, constantly develop new products, and professionally provide personalized customized services

Continuous innovation to stay ahead

Product and technological innovation capabilities that have continued to lead the industry for many years and continuously improve the market competitiveness of products

Leading technology patented products

50+ invention patents, 20+ utility models, 20+ appearance designs, and 50+ copyrights to protect customer rights and interests

Undoubtedly at the forefront of the industry

Having been deeply involved in the smart wearable market for more than 10 years, we are the first echelon of smart wearable solution service providers with customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Carefully selected supplies at reasonable prices

Strictly select the global electronics first-line supply chain to ensure component quality and affordable prices to help customers create more competitive products

Strict quality control and quality assurance

From R&D to production to shipment, standardized process operations and multiple rigorous tests are conducted to ensure product performance and stability

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